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Margot McMaster
Producer / Field Producing /
Crew Coordination
Douglas Munro CSC
Director of Photography / Cameraman




Experienced, enthusiastic, artistic, respectful, caring and realiable are traits consistent with our success as DP's and Cameramen.  We pride ourselves with meticulous preparation, we use top-notch gear and are constantly learning and exploring. You have our full commitment always!


Flexibility, cost effectiveness, ingenuity, attention to details, contacts around the world, and on-location street-smarts make our Producer/Field Producing and Coordination professionals ideally suited for a wide range of production challenges. Need a helicopter, specialized camera mount, or even a trained horse to walk into an underground coal mine we'll happily wrangle it up for the show!

4K and HD Gear Packages

Sony PMW-F55 4K Cinema camera packages, Xdcam F800 Packages, crash cameras, fast lenses, long lenses, grip and lighting gear, on-set colour-grading and transcoding, remote editing. We tailor the package to the job, large or small.


Editing / Post Services

Creative, experienced, efficient editorial pros with FCPX, Color Finale. Be it in our studio or on-location remote editing we deliver.

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