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Douglas Munro CSC

Director of Photography



Trained in film with significant experience in electronic cinematography I have been fortunate to have benefited from the enormous growth in motion picture, television, video and web-based communications. My work has taken me around the globe, introduced me to distinct cultures, presented me with wonderful challenges, and grown my understanding of life in ways more momentous than I could ever have imagined.


The art of cinematography is a lifelong pursuit, ever changing, ever growing. Every project I am involved in is yet again another great opportunity to advance, to be visually expressive, to be a problem-solver, to capture the essence of what is to be communicated. When the subject matter allows I encourage people to have fun and enjoy the adventure. 


The business of cinematography demands a solid foundation with highly technical knowledge and experience, commitment to responsible approaches, fair pricing, and honourable respectful fulfillment of client's objectives.





In my personal time I am a golf fanatic (even in winter) and a avid cycler (not so much in winter... unless it's Australia or NZ).


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