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4K and HD Camera, Sound and Editing Packages

We outfit these packages to satisfy the requirements of the individual project.


HDTV Productions Inc. Camera Equipment List 2019


Sony PMW-F55 “A” Camera:

Vocas Sliding Shoulder Baseplate System

Sony DVF-L350 LCD Colour Viewfinder w/attaching arm  

IDX V-Mount P-Tap Distribution Adapter

Sony PL-FZ Lens Adapter 


Sony PMW-F55 “B” Camera:

Vocas Sliding Shoulder Baseplate System

Sony DVF-L350 LCD Colour Viewfinder w/attaching arm  

Sony PL-FZ Lens Adapter


Sony A7S2 “C” Camera:

Sony ILCE-7SM2 Mirrorless Camera

Metabones Rod Riser Adapter w/Chrosziel plate 

Metabones PL to Emount T Adapter 

Metabones Canon EF to Emount T Cine Adapter 

Manfrotto MMXPROA3 Camera Monopod  


PL Zoom Lenses:

Fujifilm Corporation Fujinon 20-120mm T3.5 4K Zoom Lens

Fujifilm Corporation MK18-55mmT2.9

Fujifilm Corporation MK50-135mmT2.9


PL Prime Lenses:

Sigma High Speed T1.5 PL Prime Lens Set - 20mm, 24mm, 35mm, 50mm, 85mm

Carl Zeiss Compact Prime CP.2 15mm/T2.9, 35mm/T1.5, 50mm/T1.5

Duclos Lenses 2x Extender


EF Lenses:

Canon Inc. Canon Zoom Lens 16-35mm 1:4L IS USM

Canon Inc. Canon Zoom Lens 24-105mm 1:4L IS II USM

Canon Inc. Canon Zoom Lens 100-400mm 1:4.5-5.6L IS USM


On-board/Follow-focus Camera Monitors:

Small HD 7” Ultra-Brite Monitor w/accessories

Shogun Inferno 7” Recorder/Monitor w/2.25 TB Harddrive Capacity

Small HD 5” Monitor w/accessories

Panasonic 8” Monitor w/accessories

Sony Onboard 7” Monitor



(2) Tilta Nucleus-M  Mod:WLC-T03 FIZ Hand Units

(3) Nucleus-M Lens Motors

(2) Tiltamax Handles

Vocas Follow-focus manual System w/various attachments

All accessories


“A” Camera Power:

(9) SWIT S-8172S Li-ion Battery 

Precision Camera Inc. DC Power Supply

(3) SWIT Battery Chargers w/AC Cable

Various 4-pin XLR and P-tap cables and interfaces


“B” Camera Power:

(4) Anton Bauer Batteries and (2) Chargers


“C” Camera Power:

(10)Sony NP-FW50 Battery Packs

Core SWX Dummy Battery Pack to P-Tap Cable

(3) Sony BC-TRW Battery Chargers

Pocket Juice Lithium-Ion Rechargeable USB Power Supply


“A” Camera Media:

(4) Sony XQD ExpressCard Adapter T491 QDA-EX1 w/plastic cases

(4) Sony XQD QD-G256E Memory Card  

(4) Lexar 8GB SD Card “HDTV-1 F55 Camera Settings”


“B” Camera Media: 

(2) Sony XQD ExpressCard Adapter T491 QDA-EX1 w/plastic cases

(2) Sony XQD QD-G128E Memory Card


“C” Camera Media:

(4) Sandisk Extreme Pro 64GB SD Card 95MB/s



“A/B/C” Filters and accessories:

Schneider 4x5.65 Platinum IRND.3 (2)

Schneider 4x5.65 Platinum IRND.6 (2)

Schneider 4x5.65 Platinum IRND.9 

Schneider 4x5.65 Platinum IRND1.2 

Schneider 4x5.65 ND.6 SEH Soft Grad 

Schneider 4x5.65 ND.9 HEH Hard Grad 

Schneider 4x5.65 ND1.2 HEH Hard Grad 

Schneider 4x5.65 Linear True-Pol 

Schneider 5.65x5.65 Linear True-Pol 

Schneider 4x5.65 HLYWD BLK MAGIC 1/8 (2)

Schneider 4x5.65 HLYWD BLK MAGIC 1/4 

Schneider 4x5.65 BLACK FROST 1/8 (2)

Schneider 4x5.65 CLEAR 

Genustech Solar Eclipse ND Fader 77mm (ND Pola) 

Genustech Eclipse ND Fader 77mm (Variable ND) 

Breakthrough Photography x4 - 10-Stop ND 77mm MRC16


“A/B/C” Tripods and support:

Miller Skyline 70 Ballhead  

Miller Carbon Fibre Tripod Legs  

Highhat on board

Satchler Video 20III Tripod System

Satchler Carbon Fibre Legs

Miller ARROW X3 Ballhead 

Miller Carbon Fibre Tripod Legs



“A/B/C” Mattebox and accessories:

Vocas 4-stage Mattebox MB-455 w/Swing away

Bright Tangerine 2-stage 4x5.65 matte box

Chrosziel Mattebox 

Wooden Camera Zip Boxes


Transmitter Systems:

(2) Teradek Bolt 500LT Transmitter 

(2) Teradek Bolt 500LT Receiver 

All accessories


Director’s Monitor Station :

(2) FEELWORLD 17” 4K Monitor w/stand, cables, AC/DC power 


DIT/Media Transfer System:

Apple Computer w/Sony Catalyst Browse Software

Yellow Hardcase w/strap

(2) Sonnet Pro SxS Card Reader w/Thunderbolt Cable

Flanders 17” DM170 Monitor System w/accessories



Director/Script Asst Video Village:

10’x10’ U-Line black canopy and sides 

(chairs additional or supplied by production)


Lens Accessories:
Sony CBK-55F2K Optical 2K Filter  

Optitek Optitron2 EF Lens Controller

Optitek Prolock-i markIII C-EF-SONY FZ Mount

Optitek Optitron EF Lens Controller

Optitek Prolock-i C-EF-SONY FZ Mount



(2) Assistant Carts

Sony PMW-F55 Operations Manual, Flat Rectangular Multi-hole Plate , Rocker-Tilt Plate, Tilt-Plate, Teleprompter Glass, Camera Charts, Black F55 Camera Rain Cover, 

Plastic Sony Camera Cover, Camera carry strap, 12V hairdryer, Plastic Shower Caps,

Velcro straps, Bottle of Windex, Hip Soft Lens pouch , Frontbox w/attachments for Sachtler and Miller, Magliner w/bungi straps, Harper Cart, (3) Black C-stands w/arms and 2 knuckles each, Matthellini Clamp, Manfrotto Grip clamp w/2 spigots, Manfrotto Suction Cup w/blue protection cover, 3 Mafer Clamps w/spigots, 2 safer clamps w/o spigots , Black 50’ & 100’ BNC Cable, 10 Blue Sandbags (Note: Identified with Green Hi-Viz tape), Large Ivan Putora Lens Focus Test Chart, Photo Republik multi-convertible Flexfill, Grey Multi Tool Kit, Safety Cones (4) Large, Drills, bits, Assorted Apple Boxes, various Sizes, Furniture Blankets (3), Green Microtowels, Lastolite Foldable Greenscreen 6’x9’


“A/B/C” Camera Accessories:

PortaBrace Shotbags w/strap, Assorted Spigots in Clear Plastic Bag, Assorted Lens Tissues and Windex in Clear Plastic Bag, Husky Flathead Screwdriver 5/16” Large,

Klein Tools RT105 Outlet Tester, LED Headlamp w/extra batteries, Small Red Maglite,

Black Maglite, 3-prong 3-way block, Optek Digi-blower, ThinkTank hip pouch, Sony Headphones, Small screwdrivers, Milwaukee Multi-driver, Husky P1 Driver, Pliers,

Husky Allen Wrench Set Metric, Husky Allen Wrench Set Imperial, Husky Scissors

2 Allen keys for Vocas Matteboxes, Multi-colour Actor T-Marks, Adjustable Wrench,

Assorted pens, 2 Cable wrap clips, X-rite Classic Color checker Chart, White Card,

Warm1 card, Mastercraft Screwdriver set, Dust Brush

Sekonic L-758 Digital Master Lightmeter Mod:L-758CINE 

DSC Labs CamAlign Colour Chart HOSP


Camera Walkies:

(6) Motorola T200 Walkie w/rechargeable battery pack

(2) Cobra MicroTalk Walkie Mod:CXT345 w/3 rechargeable batteries


Wireless Audio for Camera Feeds (for onset playback):

(3) Lectrosonics, B19 486.4-511.9Mhz, TX Mod:SMV E w/black belt case, aerial 

(1) Lectrosonics Band A1,  470.1-537.575Mhz, TX Mod:HMA-A1 w/black belt case 

(2) Lectrosonics Band A1 470.100-537.575Mhz, Mod:SCR-A1 Dual UHF Receiver w/AES Adapter, aerialsx2 

Vocas Microphone and Rod Adapter 

Rode Microphone holder 

Rode NTG-1 Camera Microphone  

Rycote Softie Mic windsock 

Sennheiser 416 Mic with Zeppelin

Sennheiser handmic


LED Light Panels (various Bi-colour sizes 6"x30", 1'x1', 6"x12", 3"x6", 1"x2")

LED Fresnel style

650w Tweenie, 250w Inkies, 1K/650w RedHeads

C-stands, flags, nets, diffusers, backdrops, greenscreens, clamps, bags, trollies, cables, boxes, Dana Dolly, slider, bounce boards, gels, silks


-Production Motorhome ideal for crew production and accommodation on Travel and Natural History docs, great DIT/Camera vehicle for dramatic productions


Fly-packs, batteries conform to FAA regulations, International Equipment Carnet available

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